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I am Alex from Italy (Venice), now my pedals smile and the sound of all is great, Time Factor 9v 1200mA, Hot British 15v 400mA, Tremulator pin 3.5 tip+, Lehle 9v and the other 9v centers -, all powered by the SUPER Flatliner Pro.

Now I'm looking for the correct cable to also power my beard
razor(234 V 4536 mA center++-) to shave me in tour, even putting the pedalboard above the sink...Flatliner is no limit!
I will ask to Rob.
Now I'm happy ,also
my wife and children too..


Alex, we are proud to have you on our site and you are really funny. We are working on your shaving problem. Talk to you soon !


Hierbij de foto's van mijn nieuwe pedalboard MET de Burkey Six. De Memory Man werkt dankzij de verdubbeling van het aantal volt (24V) en de Space Echo loopt op twee outlets omdat deze meer ampere nodig had (in de boeken staat hij als 75mA, maar daar doet hij het niet mee. De OCD loopt op 18 V en de rest met een daisy chain op 9 V.
Eindelijk al mijn pedalen voorzien van stroom met één voeding !
Bedankt voor je hulp !
Jacco de Vries

Wow, this is a really old vintage Flatliner PRO, one with red LEDs. There are only a few. Willem-Jan Uytdehage is a lucky guy.

Line6 DL4, Boss Tr2, Fulltone OCD ,MXR EVH Phase 90, Digitech Whammy IV,Vox McCoy Wah, Korg DT10, Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory

Mijn band:

This board is Graham Diack's (Teahead)
He likes the big stuff, Flatliner do that too ! Modded Flatliner (Expanded Tonebone Mod)

3 x 9v chained to power the Timefactor
POG2, Turbo Tuner & Wah Probe on their own outputs
BJF Little Red Compressor at 18v from the Tonebone output
BJF Honey Bee and Candy Apple Fuzz are daisy chained and all sagged out at 7v from the variable Tonebone output

This one is of Stefan Schill. Stefan is a real new hero in Holland. Started to play very young and he is an incredible good guitarplayer. We are really proud to serve him with 2 (!) Flatliner PRO's. Check him out on his webspace or the bands website

The pedalboard of Joost Assink. His comments:

"Now I can run each pedal on it's ideal voltage and mAs. Here's the setup:
-Barber Tone Press @ 9V
-Fulltone OCD @ 18V
-MI Audio Boost n Buff @24V (2x12V in series) -Fulltone Fulldrive 2 10th anniversary @ 18V -Sonic Research Turbo Tuner @ 9V -Analog Man Bi-Chorus @ 15V -Diamond Memory Lane 2 @ 18V and 200mAs (two outputs in parallel and center
Variable voltage, mAs, center positive, center negative, no problem! The Sixes fitted under my pedal train perfectly. Well, no other power solution could've done that! The sound improvements from running all pedals at optimum voltage (and the added headroom) further improved my tone. "

Wow, this one rocks ! Al those colored lights.
This is my pedalboard for my main rig. The Flatliner is capable to power all the pedals on my board, including the hidden Axess Buffer and the Fulltone OCD which is running on 18V. Fantastic!

This PRO pedalboard is of Keith Simmonds (LA,USA). He used the variable outputs to get his Barber Directdrive powered at 22 VDC.

For the techs amongst you, here are some details:

The signal chain is:
Analogman NKT 275 Sunface Fuzz~Teese Picture Wah~Looper~ Loop 1 - Barber Tone Press Compressor~Loop 2 - Lovepedal Vibe~Loop 3 - Overdrives--Barber Custom Shop LTD SR with mod board~Barber Direct Drive with mod board (running @ 22 volts via the Flatliner*)~Lovepedal COT 50 Gold~Loop 4 - Digitech Chorus Factory~Analogman AR20 DL Analog Delay~Line 6 Echo Park Digital Delay~Loop 5 - Outlaw Effect Bluebird Tremolo/Boost~Skreddy Screwdriver Boost/Fuzz/Overdrive (using as a color boost)~out of the looper to a Barber Electronics Custom Shop modded Launch Pad Clean Boost (which now has two boost circuits in it-one for solo boosting, and one for buffering (when the solo boost is bypassed), with fully adjustable gain for matching guitar/amp input impedances, i.e. "amp cooking").
*) The Barber Direct Drive is running @ 22 volts approx., running off my variable 12 volt feed combined with my variable tonebone feed, each set @ 11.2 volts or so.

Comments from Keith:
The sound and tech guys would see my huge effects board and just groan (thinking it would take me at least 15 minutes and a whole bunch of downstage power for my board to be up and running). Then I would tell them all I needed was one power outlet for my whole rig and they'd love me!! Lots of those guys (who are often players themselves), studied my board set up beause it was so fast and easy to get running. I've been a hit everywhere I play and I can be set up, wired to my amp, and dialed in, ready to play a set in less than 2 minutes.
When you're an opening act for a lot of bigger headliners, like we are right now, quick and painless set up and tear down really scores lots of points with the promoters, agents, and techs.


Clint Aul's (Atlanta USA) pedaltrain: "I wired up my Burkey Six yesterday; perfect! Having the options for 12v, 15v and 18v was critical for my setup. This is just what I needed!"

I've had my Flatliner for a little over a year now, and it immediately became an essential part of my rig. The AC power for the Budda, and the Tonebone mod were exactly what I was looking for.
The Flatliner has performed flawlessly through around 200 shows this year.

Shawn Sommer
Chicago, IL

This is a very special one. Hope you all can read the comments. There is a Flatliner on it, but I can't find it. Anyway it is a beautiful effectsboard created and owned by Christophe Sanz from France.
Our first customer from Thailand that sent in a picture is Pongsatorn Sukkasem. Pong has a fantasic setup on a pedaltrain ! All quality stuff ( and no hum at all)
Lord Riffensteins (Joeri Fransen) new pedalboard, beautiful designed and made by Paul Lenders
Randy's (NL) pedalboard with the Flatliner SIX hiding under the pedaltrain.

This is John Koolen's final pedalboard (for the moment) Phantom Puercos

Just a nice small pedalboard of Felipe Graca (pt) with all quality stuff.
This beautiful pedalboard is of Young Cho. The Eventide needed 3 9VDC outlets to run 600mA. It sounds perfect. Look at the cablejunk that came off the pedalboard.
wayne eagles
This is the compact pedalboard of Wayne Eagles ,Canadian guitarist and educator. Checkout his website.
flatliner SIX
This SIX implementation is of Georges Zadrozynski (FR). Note the EHX Electric Mistress ran by the SIX !
Pedaltrain 2 of Anders (SW). Where is the Flatliner SIX ?.
pedalboard gregner

Stefan Gregner from Sweden:
"Here is a picture of my new pedal-board powered with a Flatliner Pro TB+, it´s a set up where all the pedals are looped so the system works in true bypass.
Thanx for a great power supply"
No comment

Patrick v.d.Wal (NL) only wants the best for his expensive pedals. Every pedal its own Flatliner outlet. We think he is right, halleluya !

If there was a price for the nicest pedalboard this week I would have given it to Javier (ES). You may understand why. This picture is called Mi Pedalera as sent to me by Javier. We are really proud to see this. Javier cares for his pedals and tone. Congrats Javier !

From right to left:
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wha- Xotic BB Preamp - Fulltone OCD V.3 - Xotic AC Plus - Legendary Tones/Keeley Time Machine Boost -Fulltone Fulldrive II 10th Anniversary - Boss TU-2 - ThunderTomate Analog Chorus - Empress Tremolo - TunderTomate Analog Delay- Electro Harmonix Small Stone Analogman mod - Electro Harmonix Holygrail Reverb Astone mod - Xotic RC Booster - Line 6 DL4.

Henk (NL) uses his Flatliner in a 19"shelf for his Marshall setup. Last week he added the GCX to the Flatliners Ac outlet with a custom cable.

Arnolds (NL) pedalboard. In the mean time he ordered a custom cable for the Rocktron Midi Mate so he
power al items on his board with the Flatliner.
He said 'Afgelopen weekend drie keer opgetreden, geen ruis, of brom, of iets dergelijks..helemaal goed dus '
:> I did 3 gigs this week... no noise, no hum...all good!

Here is Terry's (GB) pedalboard. I really like this one. No junk, no adapters, just a clean pedalboard.It is a simple setup but with great functionality. Terry paid as much attention to his power supply as to his effects. They deserve it !

This is the pedalboard of Alan (GB). The Diamond Memory Lane requires over 200mA and its
polarity center +

Alain's (BG) rack-setup

The 18V MXR EQ10 runs on 2 9V-outlets in serial wiring (Y-cable)

Pieters (NL) well organised setup on a single board.
Outputs enough for more effects.

Rudy's (BE) setup:
Flatliner application on a pedaltrain pedalboard. This one looks gorgeous.
Notice the 13VAC H&K Replex. No adaptors, no mess.
Giant rig of Yoeri Fransens (BE) (Lord Riffenstein)
No problem to put your tuner on the Flatliner. The Rocktron is running on the 9VAC outlet ( 2.5mm pin jack )

Great stuff of Kevin Monie (DK)
one power supply for all pedals (TubeFactor on 13VAC)
Kevins' comment: "it's soooo cool to have a power supply which doesn't make my wah pedal go crazy"

Setup Brent Roberts in Richmond, VA (USA) Brent Roberts website
his comment:
"The thing is built like a tank and for the first time I can put my Teese Picture Wah on my board, even right next to the Flatliner, and NO HUM AT ALL!"

You have to look at this ! John Koolens (NL) Phantom Puercos in a breathtaking setting.. wow Thank you John.

Chacal's (Fr)shelf setup: It is powering the two pedals and the axess, plus a rocktron hush IIcx with 9vAC and a audio-technica UHF with the two 12vDC outs in parallel

"Thanks for building such a great stuff "

Chacal from Moonlight Reverence

This massive pedalboard is made by Michiel van Kruiningen (NL). All pedals/switches are powered by 1 Flatliner. Digitech Whammy on AC. Michiel is playing guitar in Charge Me Up and PlaiN.
Faisal Moro (I) made this turbo rig powered by 2 (!) Flatliners.
"Your Flatliners behave wonderfully: everything is clean, lot of power
and options, and no problems.I'll probably use the AC outputs to feed some gooseneck lights, and I still have 3 DC outlets avaliable, a precious spare, and much useful to plug devices "on the fly".
Jens Larsens (DK) setup with Flatliner special mod for Radial Tonebone. 2 12VDC outlets are upgraded to 15V+ and run in parallel mode to provide 400 mA.

"Now my Hot British has the power it used to, and you're right it actually seems that it has a little extra when I really makes it cry."

This is the one of Javier (SP) : "The flatliner is the happy end in my long time searching of the definitive power supply"

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wha – Fulltone Full Drive II 10th anniversary – Keeley Compressor 4 knobs – Keeley TS-8 Overdrive Mod – Lovepedal Cot-50 Lil China – Boss TU-2 – Xotic RC Booster – Line 6 Expression pedal – Vox Ac30 foot control – Fender Vibroverb foot control – Line 6 DL4 – Flatliner – Line 6 MM4.

The beautiful clean rig of Bill (UK). The Senheisser G2 EW172 wireless system is powered by the Flatliner too. Cheers !
Bill: "I use the Flatliner to power my custom interface, phantom power the
rocktron all access (9v AC), GRX-4, CFX-4, DD-5, TS-9 and the G2 wireless
system (12v DC) all at once. No other product could enable me to do it all
so cleanly and from 1 source!"

This one is the very balanced pedalboard of Cesar Garcia (SP), guitarist of Kotebel
Whammy on 9VAC with 2.5 connector.

Pedalboard of Sacha Enditol (CAN). This is what we wanted to achieve. No adapters, no batteries, just one isolated powersupply for all your pedals.

Look, this is what we like, large, fat pedalboards. This awesome board is Leo's (FR), guitarist in the band "Novakult"

"the flatliner works great, there is NO noise, it's awesome ! Thanx !"

Yrjo's (NL) pedalboard with a huge set of EHX effectpedals.
De Luxe Memoryman on 24VDC (2x 12VDC), Captain Coconut on 9VAC

Federico's (GB) board
boss Cs3 (12VDC), dynacomp, AC booster, Sonic stomp, Phase 90, Line 6 verbzilla, Hand-made buffer, Prescription electronics Vibe-Unit on 12 VAC

Why large pedalboards ? This creation is of Mark Dennewitz (Germany). Every mm is used. Trex Replica (12VAC), Roommate 12 VDC, Analogman Chorus, Lehle loop etc..Still Flatliner outlets available for more effects.
This is the board of Mark Kirk (Australia). Plenty of room to expand. Note: The fulldrive can also run on 18 VDC to provide for more headroom. Just share two 9 VDC outlets with a serial Y-cable (sc-ys). Take a look on Marks space site "Tall Timbre"

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9 completely isolated outputs