Santana and Flatliner Power Supplies


ed adair santana

Ed Adair, guitar technician with Carlos Santana:

''I am extremely pleased with the performance of the Flatliner, the quality of workmanship, and technical support from Burkey. The Flatliner has powered over 50 shows and has been around the world with me for the past 5 months and has proven it's reliability. I would recommend the Flatliner to anyone who is serious about clean, quiet, and consistent operation of a pedal board power supply. The Flatliner is in a class by itself! Thanks to everyone at Burkey'

May 2008

"I first contacted Rob at Burkey about a new pedalboard power supply in
December of 2007. Since then, the Burkey Flatliner Pro and Six, have
been an integral part of our stage and recording systems. We have done
countless shows in countless countries around the world, as well as
recording a new album, and have had absolutely zero (0) problems of
any kind with these power supplies. Not only are there no problems,
these units have improved the performance of our system as a whole. As
a tech, it is a great feeling to have absolute confidence in all parts
of the signal chain. I always know that my low voltage supplies are
correct when I use Burkey products.

Thanks Rob!!

Ed Adair
Guitar and amp technician
Carlos Santana and Santana band

August 2010


Ed Adair of Santana meeting Rob Hoes of BURKEY at the Gelredome in Arnhem on october 5th 2010.

Rob: We first met in Weert (Bospop) in 2008. Of course we are very privileged to have Santana as a customer and are proud to contribute to the sound of the Santana-band. Ed uses all stock Flatliner PRO and SIX power supplies. Last year side guitarist Tommy Anthony was equipped with 2 Flatliner SIX' on his pedalboard.






9 completely isolated outputs