Flatliners are the finest and most versatile Pedalboard Power Supplies for guitar and bass effects on the market.


Special designed toroidal transformers
Many (cheaper) power supplies use common transformers and often have outlets that share the same ground. This will most certainly cause HUM.

We use special designed toroidal transformers that reduce the electromagnetic fields to a minimum and so we can guarantee that your pedals will operate without any hum. All Flatliner outlets are isolated and can handle both polarities at the same time.

ecause many new effects-designs need more and more power we provided each DC outlet of the Flatliner Pro to supply 200mA current. The AC outlet even supplies 1000mA. For musicians who prefer more compact setups with common effects we designed the Flatliner SIX which features 6 all adjustable DC outlets in a very compact chassis.

All Flatliners are flexibel. They can handle all battery-operating effects that require 9, 12, 15, 18 and even 24 VDC and the Flatliner PRO powers almost every effect that needs special power requirements like the Digitech Whammy, Pigtronix, Empress, Boomerang, Kingsley, as well as various tube-driven pedals.

We even made a mod for Radial Tonebone effects pedals that use 15 VDC+ and the Mooger Fooger (104 and 105) pedals that normally cannot be powered by multioutlet-powersupplies.

Checkout our list with effects pedal brands and mods for the Flatliner PRO

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We make the finest Pedalboard Power Supplies for guitar and bass effects pedals.

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The FLATLINER SIX Junior is the lower priced sister of the normal SIX. Instead of the choice of 4 voltages the Junior has 2-voltage outlets (9-12V).

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